How We're Different

Why the traditional way won't surpass your standards.

Tired of having cute coaches that make you feel good for 2.5 seconds and abandon you?  

Then she's for you!

Sick of all the rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns talk?

Looking to understand how/why there is an intentional system your mind follows? You're in the right place. 

Karlyn was the driven type, the focused type, the "I want this, how do I get it...yesterday?" type of person. When her health became compromised, she realized there was more to driving motivation than she thought. There was science.

Believe it or not, an old-school "therapy" approach isn't for everyone. If you have never resonated with the word, you probably never will. There is an entirely other world you can utilize to enhance your mind. do you get wellness and performance? How do you keep your momentum and drive without losing your health on your journey? 

This is how: Not just cute quotes or a quick talk, but a system or framework.  

Do you want someone to fish for you and "make you feel good every time," or do you want Karlyn to temporarily hold your hand and teach you how to fish and "hack" your mind system so that every single day, you have the resources to understand and access that level?

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Your "Why"

  • Flatten your fears - redefine your relationship with them

  • Improve your focus and clarity

  • Master your mind

  • Enhance the mental state you need to problem-solve

  • Improve cognitive thinking

  • Remove mental blocks and scripts

  • Rewrite nervous system scripts

  • Enhance health and wellness.

  • Re-invent the way you show up in the world

  • Maximize performance